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銷售價格以$0.88或$0.00 結尾的表示由當地“經理降價”的商品,但要確保物品完好無損。


價格標籤右上角的星號意味著一旦庫存售罄,您可能不會再次看到該產品。 這並不一定意味著它已經打折了,但這可能意味著價格不會降低。

免除 Costco 會員費,使用Costco Shop卡付款。

While only members can purchase a Costco Shop card, anyone can use them. You can buy them for as low as $25 and as high as $2,000. Have a nice friend or neighbor pick one up for you the next time they hit Costco, if you don’t want to pay that membership fee.

Price What it could mean What you might do
Ends in .97 Clearance Buy now
Ends in .88 Manager discounts Buy ASAP, but make sure item is in good shape
Ends in .00 Manager discounts Again, buy now but closely look at item first
Has an asterisk (*) at the end Item won’t be restocked Buy now
Ends in a 9 Manufacturer discount Might want to wait

Kirkland batteries are identical to Duracell batteries.

  • Kirkland Signature AA Alkaline batteries: $0.29 per battery
  • Duracell AA Alkaline batteries: $0.37 per battery